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Touched screen converter AC motor energy saving high voltage variable frequency drive

Touched screen converter AC motor energy saving high voltage variable frequency drive

Place of Origin : China

Brand Name : GANDO

Certification : CE

Model Number : 6KV –Zinvert - __KW

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Supply Ability : 200 sets per week

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High Voltage Converter AC Motor Energy Saver for Cement Manufacturing

ZINVERT series high-voltage variable frequency control system is mainly applied in fan, pump and other load site where lots of energy is saved by speed regulation and the specific application is as follows:

Cement manufacturing: kiln draught fan, draught fan for raw material , pressure fan, main dust-absorption fan, dust-absorption fan for cooler, exhaust fan for cooler, fan for preheating tower, fan for separator, kiln air supply fan and others.


ZINVERT series high-voltage variable frequency control system is applicable to standard medium-voltage ((3kV, 6kV and 10kV)) three-phase AC motor and its features are as below:

1 Small input harmonic

The rectification technology of 18 or 24 (for 3KV system with Level 3 or Level 4 unit series), 30 or 36 or 48 or 54 (for 6kV system with Level 5 or Level 6 or Level 8 or Level 9 unit series) and 54 or 60 (for 10Kv system with Level 9 or Level 10 unit series) is adopted in ZINVERT series high-voltage variable frequency control system at power supply side, the pollution for grid side harmonic is low, the power factor is high and the requirements of GB 14549-93 standard and IEEE std 519-1992 electricity quality standard for voltage and current harmonic distorting are reached, the power factor compensation or harmonic suppressor is not required and the harmonic interference for other electrical equipments on the same power grid never occurs.

2 High power factor

ZINVERT series high-voltage variable frequency system maintains high power factor in full speed and the power factor in full load is over 0.95 so as to reduce low use ratio of user’s power transformer equipment caused by low power factor and power factor compensation in user side.

3 High efficiency

The full load power of ZINVERT series variable high-voltage variable frequency control system is more than 95%, which is far more than that of traditional speed control system.

4 Strong adaptability of input voltage

When voltage fluctuation value of power grid input side compares with rated voltage in -15%~+15%, the output shall be compensated by voltage fluncuation compensation way to ensure rated output; the machine is never stopped when grid side voltage takes value from 65% rated value 115% rated value so as to ensure motor in continual operation (the low power voltage may result in derating operation ).

5 Small output harmonic

The phase-shifting and multiple sinusoidal pulse width modulation (SPWM) and speed sensor-less vector control system technology are adopted at output side of ZINVERT series high-voltage variable frequency control system, the output harmonic is very small and it can match different motors without output filter. It is characterized by low output voltage distortion, less current harmonic, running noise of motor not increased, extra heating of motor avoided, torque pulsation reduced and mechanical stress of equipment reduced.6 High reliability and convenient maintenance

The power loop of ZINVERT series high-voltage variable frequency control system adopts IGBT power module, with large voltage design allowance and the special drive module with excellent reliability is adopted in trigger and overcurrent protection of IGBT module.

The dual-DSP and super-large-scale integration technology is adopted in core control system of ZINVERT series high-voltage variable frequency control system, the design of industrial server owns reliable electromagnetic protection function and it integrates high-voltage variable frequency control and professional motor protection. The complete system owns perfect failure location and protection function. The trebling output interphase short circuit protection and overvoltage suppressor are especially designed as for interphase short circuit and failure in single phase earthing that may occur in motor and cable, thus, the product is safer and more reliable (The first manufacturer passes inspection by national authorized organization in all protection functions, interphase short circuit also included).

ZINVERT series high-voltage variable frequency control system is designed in modularization, the structure design is perfect, the unit components have interchangeability and simple tools and the component can be replaced within several minutes with simple tools if failure occurs.

ZINVERT series high-voltage variable frequency control system is provided with power unit automatic bypass technology so that the system with failure can remain in operation so as to enhance system reliability and use ratio of user equipment, thus, it is applicable to power plant and other industrial site with high requirements for reliability.

7 Outage recovery and restart

When the instant outage of power grid occurs or the recoverable failure occurs, it is allowed to recover the system in operation in allowable waiting time (the time can be set by user according to process requirement and the longest time can be 30s or more), ZINVERT series high-voltage variable frequency control system can automatically find motor speed within 0.2~1.0s so as to realize non-impact restart, restore operation to setting status, ensure continuity and reliability of motor in operation and avoid unnecessary losses caused by shutdown.

8 Soft start, without impact current

The motor of ZINVERT series high-voltage variable frequency control system is in soft start, the voltage-frequency ratio is controlled in linear and quadratic curve form and there are many curves for each curve pattern for user’s selection. The start time is set by the user and the accelerating overcurrent speed limit function is set inside so as to ensure impact current for motor start, motor in safety operation and the service life prolonged. The start process automatically searches for motor speed, it is necessary to ensure that the rotation is stopped before shutdown so as to prevent quick start of overcurrent impact for power grid and motor.

9 Reduce motor abrasion and save maintenance cost

The fan, pump and other load shall utilize ZINVERT series high-voltage variable frequency control system to reduce motor speed for adjusting output, which can save the energy, reduce mechanical abrasion of motor and its load and save a lots of maintenance cost for users.

10 Obvious energy saving

ZINVERT series high-voltage variable frequency control system can adjust motor speed and load in matching to save energy. As for fan and pump, the power consumption is in cubic relation with motor speed. In principle, when the system is operated in 90% rated rotating speed, its effective efficiency can be reduced to 70%; when system is operated in 80% rated rotating speed, the effective power is reduced to 50%.

11 Strong extension

The ZINVERT series high-voltage variable frequency control system is designed with simulation and figure I/O port, communication and network port and built-in PLC, it can be connected with different automation equipment and system to meet different field requirements, the remote frequency is given in diverse ways and there are frequency preset signal outage alarm and protection functions .

12 Affluent functions of man-machine interface

The touched screen in adopted in man-machine interaction of ZINVERT series high-voltage variable frequency control system, with setting, display and various operation functions, and the man-machine interface is in harmony. There is virtual oscilloscope function: data collection in 120 point/cycle and quick Fourier transform, real-time refresh of spectrum analysis, real-time display of input & output AC voltage and current wave and analysis of real-time wave.

Specification of Zinvert HV Frequency Inverter

Voltage grade

3kV, 6kV, 10kV


Overload capacity

100%In continuation;130%In 1minute/10minutes;180%In instance;


SPWM phase-shifting overlapping wave, 0~Un (norminalrated output voltage value) continuing adjustment


0~50Hz or 0~60Hz can be adjusted

Frequency resolution


Current harmonic THD

Less than 2%(in full load)


Phase, frequency


Tolerance frequency fluctuation


Fluctuation voltage

Normal operation within -15~+15%, derating continual operation within -15%~-35%

Power factor

>0.96(over 20% load)


In line with national standard GB 14549-93 and IEEE 519-1992 electric energy quality standard


System controller

TICompany motor control special DSPchip

Control voltage

AC220V/DC220V;AC380V, AC power is three-phase power, with capacity of 10kVA

Start frequency

0.1~10Hz(it can be set)

Input/output port

16-way digital input/16-way digital output

2-way analog input/2-way analog output (4~20mA or 0~5V/10V signal)

The above is basic configuration and more ways can be selected according to technical agreement of order.

Communication port

RS232, RS485 and CAN network

Signal isolation way

Photoelectric isolation

Control signal transmission

Optical transmission and code transformation


Stable precision of frequency is 0.1%; voltage precision is 2%.


When rated output is >97%, over 20% rated output >95%,

Torque boost

0~10% rated voltage (setting)

Speed up/speed down time

0~3000s can be set

Restart for instant power failure

Option restart way, waiting time0.1~30 (setting)

PID of built-in PLC

Parameter value of manual setting, P:2~850%;I:0.5~350sec;D:1~200sec

Automatic tuning

Built-in PLC adopts self-adapted fuzzy control and intelligent adjustment and the system is featured by quick response, high precision, excellent stability and automatic adjustment of PID parameter so as to reduce field debugging work largely.

Minimum resolution

1% of sensor range

Steady precision

Depending upon setting precision error and sensr precision


LED display

Running status and signal indication

Nixie tube display

Output frequency, voltage, current and power (optional)

Touch screen display

Output frequency, voltage, current, power, power factor; input voltage, current, power and power factor; failure/alarm and corresponding record; parameter setting; wave display, harmonic analysis and others.


Operation procedures

Touch screen button, far-end switch order control

Frequency setting

Touch screen setting, far-end current analog control

Operation status output

Failure, alarm connector output

Protection function

Overcurrent, short circuit, earthing, overvoltage, undervoltage, overload, overheat, motor overload, default phase, IGBT breakdown or short circuit, unit failure and others

Failure switch

System bypass switching function, unit bypass function

Safety protection

Protection measures

Electromagnetic five preventions and blocking

Internal earthing resistance


Earth grid resistance

The earth grid resistance of user system shall be≤4Ω


The electromagnetic noise shall be less than 70dB and the overall noise shall less than 75dB

Environmental requirement

Use site

Indoors, Below 1000m in altitude (higher altitude for derating use),

Without corrosive and explosive gas, dust or sunshine.


Temperature:-5+45oC;Humidity :20~95%, no condensation


10~150HZ, below 0.5g

Storage condition


Shell protection grade


Cooling way

Forced air cooling

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