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Variable Frequency Inverter VFD Converter Drives for Fans and Pumps

Variable Frequency Inverter VFD Converter Drives for Fans and Pumps

Place of Origin : China
Brand Name : GANDO
Model Number : 380V-P5-__KW
Certification : CE
MOQ : 1 set
Delivery Time : 2 days
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Supply Ability : 200 sets per week
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Variable Frequency Inverter VFD Converter Drives for Fans and Pumps

P5 series is a special for fans and pumps type VFD. So we’d better give a brief introduction on the fans and pumps energy saving principle.
In a variety of industrial fans, pumps, such as boiler drum, Fan, deep well, pump, etc., most of rated power. The maximum design flow fan air volume requirements are to design, the adjustment method using baffle, damper, the return of control from the power machines, etc., can not form a closed loop control, and rarely consider the power; pump design flow for the maximum flow of the same and pressure regulation by the size of the valve can only control the motor start and stop other methods. Electrical control, directly or Y △ start with, can not change the motor speed, not a soft-start function, mechanical impact of large, life is short drive, vibration and noise, power factor is low.

The frequency control of the saving significance Frequency is the rise in recent years, a new technology, which is achieved by varying the speed of power frequency regulation, because of its speed steady, transient stability, energy-saving features has been growing attention. With the frequency control technology continues to mature, and Frequency Control in the fan and water pump devices are increasingly being used on the application. Direct control by the drive fan, pump load control is one of the most scientific method. PID adjustment software built using the inverter, which directly regulates the motor speed to maintain constant water pressure, air pressure, the pressure to meet system requirements. As the drive motor can achieve a large soft-stop, soft play, to avoid the start of the voltage surge can reduce the failure rate of the motor, long life, but also reduces the capacity requirements on the grid and the reactive power loss, equipment operating significantly improved the status of security of the system improved reliability and equipment utilization, energy-saving effect is very significant.

The principle frequency speed fan and water pump We can see through the basic laws of fluid mechanics: fans, pumps equipment are square torque load, the speed n and the flow rate Q, pressure H and the shaft power P have the following relations: Qαn1, Hαn2, Pαn3; that , is proportional to flow and speed, pressure and speed proportional to the square shaft power and speed proportional to the cube. Q2 = Q1 (n2/n1) H2 = H1 (n2/n1) P2 = P1 (n2/n1) Thus, ideally we have the following relationship data:



Pressure (head)(%)


























From the above table shows: when the demand flow rate drops, adjust the speed can save a lot of energy. For example: When the motor is running 80% of the rated speed, the theoretical power consumption of its rated power (80%), or 51.2%, removal of mechanical wear and tear, electrical copper, iron loss and other effects, energy efficiency close to 40%, but can also achieve closed-loop constant pressure control, energy efficiency will be further enhanced. Such as the use of traditional baffle, valve means regulation, though it may be appropriate to reduce energy consumption, but saving effect compared with the frequency, there are different.

P5 series fan pump frequency functions and features related to energy-saving equipment:

  • Use of inverter control motor speed, cancel baffle, valve adjustment, reduced the failure rate of equipment, energy-saving effect is remarkable.
  • Achieve soft start the motor, extending the service life of equipment, avoiding the impact on power.
  • Less than the rated speed of the motor will run the state, reduce the noise impact on the environment.
  • Overload, over voltage, over current, voltage, power phase loss protection function automatically.
  • Flexible operating conditions, you can manually control the automatic control can be fully realized, and the other controlled device with the electrical device chain, to achieve the automatic protection equipment, and computer control, the accident will not affect production.
  • Do not destroy the original installation of distribution facilities and the environment, does not affect production.
  • Just adjust the potentiometer knob to adjust the flow rate, easy to operate. Fans, pumps and other equipment using frequency control technology to achieve energy-saving operation is a priority for the promotion of energy saving technologies, "Energy Conservation Law" Article 39 of the General to put it as a promotion. Practice shows that the drive for fans, pumps device driver control applications have made significant energy-saving effect, is an ideal speed control. Not only improves the device efficiency, but also meets the requirements of the production process, and greatly reduces the maintenance, repair costs, but also reduces the shutdown period. Direct and indirect economic benefits are clear, equipment is usually one-time investment in the 9 months to 16 months in the production of fully recovered.

Power range of P5 VFD

Voltage: 3 phase 380VAC(323VAC – 440VAC)

Power: 18.5kw/25HP – 400kw/535HP

Specification of P5 VFD



Input frequency


Output frequency


Overload current

120% rated current 1min., 130% 6 sec.

Control mode

V/F control

Brake torque

125% with additional brake resistor

Set frequency resolution

digital command 0.01Hz;

analogue command 0.1Hz/60Hz

Voltage/Frequency feature

34 fixed V/F features selectable, any V/F features can be set

Running Mode

Keyboard, control terminal, RS485

Output Voltage self-adjustment

When AVR function is enabled, the input voltage changes, while the output voltage almost remains unchanged

Frequency setting signal

0-10V, 0-5V, 4-20mA, 0-20mA

Protection function

Over voltage, under voltage, current limit, over current, overload, electronic thermal relay, overheat, over voltage stalling, data protection, under load precaution, loaded short circuit



Cooling mode

forced air cooling


Less than 0.5g

Ambient temperature / Humidity

-10 Degrees~+40 Degrees / 20~90%Rh (no condensation)


A variable-frequency drive (VFD) is a system for controlling the rotational speed of an alternating current (AC) electric motor by controlling the frequency of the electrical power supplied to the motor. A variable frequency drive is a specific type of adjustable-speed drive. Variable-frequency drives are also known as adjustable-frequency drives (AFD), variable-speed drives (VSD), AC drives, microdrives or inverter drives. Since the voltage is varied along with frequency, these are sometimes also called VVVF (variable voltage variable frequency) drives.

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