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Gando AC drive, everything can be under controlled
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Medium Voltage Variable Frequency AC Drive for Conveyor Application

Medium Voltage Variable Frequency AC Drive for Conveyor Application

Place of Origin : China
Brand Name : GANDO
Model Number : 1140V-G11-__KW
Certification : CE
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Medium Voltage Variable Frequency AC Drive for Conveyor Application

Frequency inverter is the rise in recent years, a new technology, which is achieved by varying the speed of power frequency regulation, because of its speed steady, transient stability, energy-saving features has been growing attention. With the frequency control technology continues to mature, and Frequency Control in the belt transport equipment are increasingly being used on the application. GANDO produce the G11 series of belt transport frequency control device has the following characteristics:

■ realize the soft start of the conveyor system. The use of soft-start inverter, soft start the motor and belt drive combined soft start, slow start by the motor, drive belt slow start, the belt slow release of energy stored within that belt machine capillary waves formed during start small, almost to the belt without causing damage.

■ to achieve multi-motor drive belt when the power balance. Application of drive to drive on the belt, generally using a drag a control, when the multi-motor drive, the use of master-slave control, to achieve power balance. The main shaft in a coal mine in Shanxi belt is 3 × 135KW motor drive, the use of master-slave control, the light load, the main difference from the motor current is about 5A, fully loaded, a difference of about 2A. Basic realization of the multi-motor drive belt when the power balance.

■ reduce the belt with the strong. Using inverter drive, due to the drive starting time adjustable in 1S ~ 6500S, usually starting time belt within the 60S ~ 200S set according to the site, the starting time of belt extension, greatly reduce the requirements on the belt with a strong, reduce the initial equipment investment.

■ reduce equipment maintenance. Inverter is an electronic device integration, it will translate into the life of electronic machinery life, life is very long, greatly reducing equipment maintenance. At the same time, the use of the drive to achieve a soft belt soft start function, starting the process of basically no impact on the machinery, but also greatly reduces the mechanical part of the belt conveyor system maintenance volume. If the main shaft in a coal mine in Shanxi belt drive inverter is used, only the belt buckle an annual cost savings amounted to ten thousand dollars.

■ start smooth, torque, there is no rush current, overloaded start can be achieved.

■ energy. Machine used in the belt after the energy saving variable frequency drive is mainly reflected in the system power factor and efficiency of the system two ways.

a, improve system power factor

Typically, the coal mine put the motor in the design process than large margin, most can not work full operation, the motor working at full voltage, full speed and load are often very small, there are part-time no-load operation. Characteristics of the motor design and operation that the motor is only in the most efficient close to full load, power factor best light load reduced, resulting in unnecessary energy losses. This is because when light loads, the active component of stator current is very small, mainly excitation of the reactive component, so the power factor is very low. Using inverter drive, the power factor in the whole process more than 0.9, significant savings in reactive power.

b, improve system efficiency

Using inverter drive, the motor and reducer direct hardware connection between the middle to reduce the fluid coupling of this link. The fluid coupling transmission efficiency itself is not high, and is mainly to drive through the liquid, liquid hard drive connected directly to the efficiency ratio is much lower transmission efficiency, so using inverter drive, the system's transfer efficiency to the total than the fluid coupling drive higher efficiency of 5% to 10%.

In addition, the mine is usually far away from the substation, the voltage fluctuations at different times, the use of the automatic voltage regulator function of frequency, there are also some energy-saving effect.

In summary, the use of G11 series of belt transport frequency control technology to transform traditional belt conveyor drive system, not only in advanced technology or the social and economic benefits are huge, with the frequency modulation speed technology continues to mature, in the belt drive on the drive will dominate.

Power range of G11 VFD

Voltage: 1140VAC (959VAC – 1311VAC)

Power: 45kw/60HP – 400kw/535HP

Specification of G11 VFD



Input frequency


Output frequency


Overload current

150% rated current 1min., 180% 10 sec.

Control mode

sensor-less vector control, V/F control

Starting torque

150% 0.5Hz

Control precision


Torque precision


Setting frequency menthod

Plastic Extruder Machines, multi-step speed, simple PLC and PID.

Output frequency resolution


Frequency setting signal

0~+10V; 2~+10V; 4~20mA, 0~20mA

Protection function

Over voltage, under voltage, over load, relay, overheat speed stall, grounding, instant power cut compensation( within 2 sec for operation mode. Continue to operate after the power is available), Charging protection( not to display when the dc voltage of main circuit is less than 50v), up to 29 ways.



Cooling mode

forced air cooling


Less than 0.2g for 20hz

Ambient temperature / Humidity

-10 Degrees~+40 Degrees / 20~90%Rh (no condensation)


A variable-frequency drive (VFD) is a system for controlling the rotational speed of an alternating current (AC) electric motor by controlling the frequency of the electrical power supplied to the motor. A variable frequency drive is a specific type of adjustable-speed drive. Variable-frequency drives are also known as adjustable-frequency drives (AFD), variable-speed drives (VSD), AC drives, microdrives or inverter drives. Since the voltage is varied along with frequency, these are sometimes also called VVVF (variable voltage variable frequency) drives.

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